Chastity Captions

For fun, we post chastity captions on Tumblr. If you fantasize about male chastity and orgasm denial and you don't know what chastity captions are, you owe it to yourself to head over to Tumblr and start browsing. Just remember: these are for entertainment purposes only, and are not intended to be taken literally, or as an excuse for you to orgasm. Always consult with your mistress.

Vanilla Chastity Redux is a "re-run" feed of captions originally posted on the Vanilla Chastity blog. Ignore the URL on the caption images, the current blog at that address has no association with the old Vanilla Chastity, or these re-runs. These are non-pornographic (albeit sometimes sexy) images of women with captions of male chastity, orgasm denial, teasing, and femdom. Sometimes the fantasies get a little extreme, and powers make their way into the mix on a few occations.

Male Chastity Captions is where new captions in the spirit of Vanilla Chastity are posted. Again, sexy, but non-pornographic. There are no celebrity captions on this feed, which is a difference from Vanilla Chastity. Male Chastity Captions does reblog from other Tumblrs, while Vanilla Chastity Redux only posts from its own archive.

Sexy Models Femdom is for more generic Femdom captions (including more BDSM) using images of swimsuit and fashion models.

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