Eating Out: A Sex Magic Short

A quick short story loosely based on Salamando Flame's Sex Mage concept.

Eating Out

They met at an upscale restaurant on the west side of the capital. A discreet sign by the door of what had once been a dockside warehouse said: Töy. Jane hadn’t seen or talked to Penelope in fifteen years, and it was a sign of the distance in their relationship they were meeting on neutral ground, instead of Penny’s house.

Jane shuddered a little at the thought of what she might have found there. She had read reports of how males were treated in the Queendom of Lilith, but seeing it for herself was another matter. Part of the reason she and Penny hadn’t talked in so long was because they’d taken different sides in the political battles which had erupted in the wake of Sex Magic’s arrival in the world. Now, they lived in different queendoms, with a strictly closed border between them.

“JJ!” screamed Penny. In an instant, Jane was transported back to a time before all of that, when they’d been college roommates and friends.

Penny was a year older, now in her mid-forties, but she looked better than she had in college. Both women had used the rejuvenating power of sex magic to restore and maintain their youth, but Penny had gone much further. While her face was as Jane recalled, Penny now had the tall, lean, busty figure of a fit swimsuit model.

“Wow, Penny. You look like a million dollars.”

“More like a million denied orgasms.”

There it was. The reality of Penny’s bombshell looks — males teased beyond sanity and denied orgasm by the implacable power of sex magic, providing a rich harvest of frustration, which fueled the ability of women to bend the world to their whims.

Penny wore a short shift dress made of a thin, translucent fabric which clung to her perfect body, doing little to conceal it. Her plump nipples and dark aureoles were visible, as was the fact she wasn’t wearing underwear. Jane’s mind drifted back to the few occasions when she and Penny had explored being more than friends, and she blushed.

She’d seen a lot of women dressed in similar clothes: the standards of female modesty in Lilith were even more relaxed than back home. She hadn’t felt comfortable in anything more revealing than a thin silk mini-dress. Still, at Penny’s firm suggestion, she had left the underwear in her hotel room.

“It’s really good to see you, Jane.” Penny held out her arms for a hug.

Jane relished the contact. “It’s good to see you too. Although I’m a little afraid what kind of place you’ve brought me to.”

“You’re gonna love it.”

There were no prices on the menu by the door, which gave Jane pause. Despite the importance of her mission to Lilith, the department hadn’t relaxed its stingy rules on expenses.

“My treat,” said Penny.

“You’ve done well?”

“I deal in high-end product. Töy is one of my clients, in fact.”

Inside the large, cool space, the almost-naked hostess was as welcoming as she was nubile. “Welcome to Töy.” She nodded at Penny. “Good to see you again, Ms. Land.” She checked the computer. “You haven’t reserved toys. Do you want to browse the cellar or do you know what you want?”

Jane was confused, but Penny didn’t wait for an explanation. “We want to browse the cellar. It’s what my friend came all this way to see.”


A server led them through a pair of large, brushed steel doors. The space beyond took up maybe a third of the old warehouse, and Jane couldn’t believe her eyes.

Rows upon rows of lean, attractive men floated in mid-air, toes pointed down, hands behind their backs, and cocks firmly erect. They span slowly in mid-air, giving a view of every angle of their perfectly sculpted bodies, which had been shaved and lightly oiled.

“What is this?”

Another woman, dressed in a black silk suit, greeted them. “This is our cellar.” She gestured to the row closest to them. “These are our new vintage — just arrived. As you know, the first year of total orgasm denial is the hardest for males: their frustration is raw and fiery.” The men in this row were the youngest in the room - in their early to mid-twenties.

Despite her shock and confusion, Jane allowed the senses afforded her by sex magic to open her mind and taste the frustration of one of the “new vintage.” Fiery was right. The male’s frustration was like drinking moonshine fresh off the still: hot and angry.

The cellarwoman showed them to another row. “After five years of constant teasing and absolute denial, male frustration begins to express terroir - a sense of place. At this vintage, the coastal and mountain regions of Lilith offer the best experience, in my opinion.”

She pointed to a fair-haired man with bright blue eyes and a taut, swimmer’s physique. “Along the coast, males are used as boards: frozen into a flat pose and teased by the rider as she surfs. It gives her far more control than she would have over a mere piece of wood, despite his cock being little more than that. Take a taste.”

Jane closed her eyes and reached into the delicious man’s mind. His frustration was almost overwhelming — it had been five years since he’d been allowed release, after all — but she soon tasted the coast. There was salt, a brisk wind, and the aroma of fresh seaweed. Her pussy grew moist as she delved deeper into his life: forced face down into the water, protected from drowning by his rider’s sex magic, his hard cock steering them across the surf like a rudder. His rider liked to tease him with the sensation of being sucked off by a pair of mermaids. She laughed.

She shook her head and closed herself off from the flow of frustration energy. She already felt more energized than she had since she’d left home, just from a short taste of the cellar toys.

“In the mountains,” continued the cellarwoman, “the toys are used for climbing. Their mistresses fortify their stiff cocks until they’re harder than steel and then hammer them into the rock face. If you’re looking for clean, crisp frustration, they are quite refreshing.”

Penny squeezed Jane’s hand and raised an eyebrow.

Jane shook her head, not ready to share her reactions in front of a third party.

“We’d like to see the special reserve,” said Penny.

“Of course, ma’am. Each of these toys is unique. Years of frustration range from ten to fifteen, each with a different teasing regimen, or finish.”

“What do you mean by finish?”

“Don’t worry. None of them have been allowed even the barest hint of an orgasm. The teasing regimen is the intensity and duration of teasing experienced during the regular part of their vintage — assayed and authenticated by a Sex Mage Analyst. As for finish: some toys are subjected to one particular tease for eighteen to twenty-four hours a day, for eighteen to twenty-four months, to bring out an extra intensity of flavor in their frustration.”

She pointed to a man in his early forties with salt-and-pepper hair. He was as lithe and sculpted to please the female gaze as any of the younger males. His ten-inch cock twitched and oozed a constant stream of clear pre-come. “One of our most exclusive toys. Fifteen years of regular teasing and denial, followed by twenty months of pure blow-job finish. Three levels: tongue on the tip, warm mouth, and deep throat.”

Jane couldn’t believe her ears. “Eighteen hours of that, for twenty months? He must be insane by now.”

“Oh no. After five to ten years, the toys reach a place of acceptance. The frustration becomes very smooth and mellow.”

Jane took a deep breath and dove in. The man’s mind was a lake of frustration: calm on the surface, but seething beneath. There were no thoughts other than the constant rise and fall of tease and denial. She realized the blow-job finish was ongoing. If his vocal chords hadn’t been frozen by a spell, he would have moaned — or screamed — constantly. Still, she had to admit his frustration had a sweet, almost dessert wine flavor and consistency. The blow-job finish added a hint of spice — like cumin and white pepper — to what might have been cloying.

With a hint of shame, she realized she was sopping wet and close to orgasm, just from drinking in the frustration of the toys. She was almost as non-verbal as the males with silence spells.

Penny sensed her discomfort and jumped in. “We’ll take two medium vintage toys. Coastal for my friend and a mountain for me. Jane, you liked the blond?”

Jane nodded, afraid her voice would break if she spoke.

“The cellar can be very intense if you’re not used to it,” said the cellarwoman.


A server led them to a table by the window. The two selected toys were floated after them by the server’s sex magic. There were no chairs.

“Cock or mouth?” asked the server.

“I’ll take mouth,” said Penny. “I recommend it. I know sex magic protects them from suffocation, but I adore the illusion of being in control of their breathing.”

“Mouth,” said Jane.

The server shackled the two men under the table and to the floor, positioning them so their faces pointed up to serve as seats for the two women. Jane slid her wet pussy across the blond male’s mouth. She gasped at the contact and almost came without him doing a thing.

“He will obey standard instructions, and you can feast on his frustration. We encourage you to tease your toy as you wish: don’t worry, his orgasm blocks are guaranteed.”

Penny leaned forward, revealing deep cleavage beneath the generous scoop of her dress. “Goodness, Jane. It’s good to see you. How have you been?” She squeezed her thighs tight around the head of her toy as if she were trying to crack his skull like a walnut.

“I’ve been fine.” Jane shuddered with arousal. She saw Penny’s eyes light up as the mountain toy began servicing her friend with his tongue, but she hadn’t yet given the order to the blond trapped beneath her. “Are we just not going to talk about this? We haven’t even ordered drinks, and my pussy is shoved into a man’s face.”

“Isn’t it wonderful? Ooh, hang on.” Penny gripped the edge of the table and shook with the ripples of a small orgasm. “This guy’s tongue is hard as granite and his frustration tastes of clean snow.”

“This is insane. You can’t treat people like this.”

Penny shrugged. “Yes we can. They can’t stop us.”

“I mean, you shouldn’t. It’s wrong.”

Penny sighed. “I hope we’re not going to rehash old arguments. I want to see my friend, not talk politics. Try the oysters - they go great with a coastal toy.”

They ordered food and wine. They could have taken all the sustenance they needed from the frustration of their chair-toys, but food still tasted good, and it wasn’t as if they had to worry about calories.

Penny was right about the oysters. The briny taste and hint of salt on top of the toy’s frustration was an incredible combination. Despite what she’d said, she send the mental order for the blond to begin gentle oral service. A few strokes of his tongue across her clit was all it took for her to explode with pleasure. She tried to control herself, but still emitted several very loud moans as she drenched the toy with her juices, almost as salty as the oysters’.

“They’re human beings. They have rights. You shouldn’t treat them like cattle.”

“Oh, they have rights? Like the right to vote, or drive, or serve on a jury? Does Queen Jessica allow any of those?”

“Those are common-sense precautions. Sex magic makes men easily manipulated or distracted: they can’t be trusted with certain things, for their own safety.”

“Exactly. Things like freedom.”

“Males back home are free.”

“Really? Can they work for a living? Is it safe for a male to walk down the street alone?”

In theory, males were allowed jobs in the Queendom of Jessica. In practice, nobody was willing to hire an employee who could be teased, tormented, and manipulated by any woman who put her mind to it. Males simply couldn’t be trust with any level of responsibility. And it was dangerous for any man to be out with a female to protect him from the idle spells of passing women.

Penny stabbed the table with her finger. “What happens to males without wives or girlfriends to protect them? What good does their freedom do them?”

Jane had read reports, and the truth wasn’t pretty.

“You can talk about male freedom,” said Penny, “but the truth is your males are only a step from ours. At least we find uses for an unattached male.”

“As furniture?”

“You can I both know he’s more than that. God, let yourself go a little. Stop being so serious, Jane.”

As Jane tucked into her entree, she allowed herself to open up to her toy’s mind a little more. She drank in his frustration — seasoning for her fish — and teased him gently with a simple hand job spell. No more than the sensation of her soft palm massaging his cock with long, gentle strokes, but it invoked a delightful series of jerks and twitches. As she rode his face, she had him delve deep into her pussy with his tongue, exploring every part he could reach.

She gripped the table and ground down on him as she came hard: once, twice, three times in quick succession. She increased the pace of her phantom hand job and added a phantom dildo to the man’s ass. She relished the little frisson of shock as the huge, yet invisible shaft parted his cheeks and thrust deep inside him.

Jane’s next orgasm struck like a tsunami, and almost washed her away. She let her defenses down and allowed herself to see — really see — how beautiful Penny was. She imagined the tongue in her pussy was Penny’s, threw back her head, and roared.

“Now you’re getting into the spirit of it,” said Penny.

“Damn it. You’re not playing fair.”

“Bull. Now, tell me why you’re really here. It’s not because of your long-suppressed yearning for me to eat you out. Or did you think that wasn’t broadcast to the entire restaurant?”

Jane blushed. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I’m interested. But, business before pleasure. Why are you really in Lilith? You’re a senior adviser in your queendom’s department of foreign affairs. I’m the head of a firm who supplies toys to my queendom’s royal palace. Is this back-channel diplomacy?”

Jane was too far gone in waves of pleasure to be cagey. “Yes. Oh god, yes.”

“Queen Lilith wants the embargo lifted. What does Queen Jessica want?”

“Once I make my report, I’ll tell you what she’s going to fucking want. As many of these vintage toys as she can get. Oh, fuck.”

“I think that can be arranged. Now, how about we switch our toys to cock for the dessert course?”

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