Back in the Saddle

After a few years away from the self-publishing game, I've just released the first books from Castem Press.

Treasures of the Flesh is an erotic femdom fantasy novella about a man who begins a relationship with a dominant woman who also happens to be a treasure hunter. She collects relics of a lost femdom civilization which can be used to keep men in magically-enhanced chastity and more.

When he fails to follow her instructions while she's off on her adventures, he discovers just how strict she can be and how powerful the magical items are.

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Breaking the Villain is a reprint of one of my stories from 2015. This was removed from Amazon for violating their vague guidelines on erotic content. This edition is available via Smashwords instead, who are more upfront about what is and is not acceptable.

This is a superheroine femdom novella about a Luthor-esque supervillain who gets too close to success in one of his evil plans. His nemesis, the mighty and beautiful Ultra Woman realizes the only way to stop him for good is to make him her bitch.

He finds himself collared and under her thumb. Can he find a way to escape before she breaks him and does he really want to?

However these books are received, it's good to be back in the game.

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  1. Amazon won't let me review this thing without spending money, so I'll just drop my review here.


    Treasures of the Flesh is a hot tale that doesn't waste your time, and gets right to the good stuff! The story is told from the perspective of a man who finds himself hoisted into the role of sexual servant for a powerful and rich mistress.

    This not an especially complex story, as may be expected of an erotic novel, but there is also a bit more going than just your usual porn fantasy. "Lady Jane" is essentially a Lara Croft/Indianna Jones archetype, but with a taste for extreme femdom BDSM. In that vein, she utilizes the magically infused devices from a long-lost female dominated civilization to bring her submissive to heel. We don't get too much information about this backstory, however; rather than turn into a full-fledged pulp fantasy adventure, the storyline stays squarely focused on the submissive's struggles to stay devoted and obediant to his mistress.

    At first one might be frustrated with not knowing the bigger story, but I think that's actually the clever part. You're seeing this entirely from the man's perspective, and there is no reason for his Mistress to narrate her life adventures to him, and by extension, the reader. We get just enough information to understand the basics of her situation, and piece together the bigger picture from there.

    The sex scenes are well-done, thorough and capture the essence of the scene. The emphasis is on the woman's pleasure, and the male's suffering under her strict rules and discipline. If you are not into that sort of sexual dynamic, you might find it uncomfortable or unreasonable, but the relationship presented between Lady Jane and her sub IS a consensual BDSM arrangement. It's not forced slavery, as harsh as it may be presented.

    On the negatives, the dialogue can be delivered a little too flat and brute forced. At no point do Lady Jane and her submissive just have a normal conversation. It is always through the filter of the mistress/slave dynamic. Likewise, the sub ends up in this situation pretty much out of nowhere. Its explained that he was recommended to Lady Jane by an ex-girlfriend who is also into the femdom scene, but as shown in the first couple pages, Lady Jane just comes up to the guy out of nowhere and immediately takes him into her service.

    However, I don't think these are a big a deal. This IS an erotic work with a specific fetish focus, and it's catering to that interest and tone. It may throw you off a bit at first, but once you start reading, you quickly groove into it.