The Chastity Sanction

The second book by Castem Press is now available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited, The Chastity Sanction.

This novella is a femdom chastity / sex magic / spy pastiche about a secret agent investigating an incursion of "chastity magic" which blocks male orgasms and allows women to tease men with their thoughts. Working with a beautiful agent from the female dominant island of Castem, he has to prevent global catastrophe while maintaining his sanity in the face of relentless magical tease and denial

The Chastity Sanction is set in the same universe as The Chastity Arena and Murder on Chastity Island, both of which are available to read for free on this site.

1 comment:

  1. This was a fun combination of Sex Magic and spy-thriller adventure. I'm not much for spy thrillers myself, but it's nice to see other authors combining various genres with the concepts of Sex Magic, or Chastity Magic in this case. Mr. Savidge is able to pretty fluidly integrate hot femdom action within the context of these adventure stories.

    Like his previous work in this universe, Murder on Chastity Island, this story follows the exploits of a man whose job necessitates him going on a mission into the femdom society of Castem. This helps add a more rounded motive for the man to resist the sensual powers of his female tormentors; he's not just some reluctant boytoy, he's also there to fulfill his mission, upping the stakes of his struggle beyond simply "when's my next orgasm."

    We also learn a bit more about the Castem Island universe, which is appreciated. The setting has plenty of potential for more wacky femdom adventures, and I look forward to seeing more set in this world.