Hero's Submission Now Available

Hero's Submission, my latest superpowered femdom fantasy is now available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MY9RRZB

This is kind of a return to the roots of the G. F. Savidge stories. The first ones were explicit superheroine and supervillainess stories with a lot of violence. There isn't much violence (apart from some comic-book-style fights) in Hero's Submission but there are a lot of erotic situations.

The story is about a superhero who is given what he thinks is the chance to join an elite league of heroes by a mysterious superwoman. What he doesn't know is that no male has ever passed the stringent entrance requirements and most of the heroines like it that way. They're happy to humiliate and torment him but will they ever accept him as an equal? Is that even what he wants? As the tests continue, his submissive side begins to come out...

There's plenty of chastity, tease and denial, and femdom content. If you like those things wrapped up in a genre package, then why not give Hero's Submission a whirl?

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