The Chastity Arena

Author's Note:

The Chastity Arena was the first story I wrote about Castem, an island where women rule with absolute authority over men. Castem is the only place where Chastity Magic holds sway - men are typically unable to orgasm while on Castem, and any woman is able to tease them to utter distraction. The energy of male frustration feeds powers in some women, making them stronger, or able to fly.

This is similar to Salamando Flame's concept of Sex Mages.

Some women are more powerful than others when it comes to wielding Chastity Magic. Some can even bend the rules to allow men to ejaculate - only a ruined orgasm of course, and at great cost.
This story was published as a bonus to "Murder on Chastity Island" - a novella which mixed pulp detective fiction with Chastity Magic. The book was not one of those removed by Amazon for violating their guidelines, but I took it down myself when most of my others were deemed unacceptable.

I may re-use these ideas or rewrite this story in the future, but in the meantime, the original is available here. Please enjoy.

Remember: this is an erotic fantasy. Much of what is presented here would be wrong to do in real life. Above all, do not use this as an excuse to orgasm, unless you have permission from your mistress or keyholder.

Part One

Port Sapphire had a reputation as the kind of town where anything was available for the right price. Turned out that included me.

I didn't care about the town's sordid history. Stories of hundred-year-old tunnels running beneath the city - used to transport kidnapped men to crew ships heading for the islands or beyond - were just a bit of local flavor. I was there to find work, booze, and pussy. Not in that order.

I found two of three in a dive bar near the waterfront. The beer was cheap and some of the women were attractive. I know I'm a good-looking guy, so it wasn't a surprise when a generously proportioned redhead in a tank top that left little to the imagination flirted with me.

We had a couple of drinks. She slipped something into one or both of mine. The next thing I knew, I was being manhandled through a hidden door behind the bar, down a set of rough-hewn stone steps, and into a tunnel. I was too befuddled to do anything but follow the red-haired temptress as she led me by the hand. I passed out before we reached the end of the tunnel.


I woke on the thin mattress of the bottom half of a bunk-bed. I was in a dormitory equipped with enough beds to accommodate forty, but only six other men were in residence. We were all naked, apart from seamless silver collars around our necks and rings clamped tight around the base of our cocks.

The walls looked new, but the faded concrete floor showed signs of long use. A converted warehouse, perhaps. Past the rows of bunk beds was a dining area, a small gym, bathroom and shower facilities. There were two doors: one open and one locked and bolted.

A woman in a green and black uniform stood before the open door. A nondescript corridor lay beyond. Yellow tape traced a rectangle on the floor around her. The guard was slight and attractive, with curled brown hair. Her tight uniform flattered what curves she had.

I became aroused. The combination of an attractive female and the tight ring around my cock was a surprising turn-on. The cock ring expanded to accommodate my erection, but remained too tight to slide off.

I swung out of bed and approached the guard. My righteous anger was undermined by the hard cock swaying before me like an elephant's trunk. "What the hell's going on? Where am I?"

"Simmer down, newbie."

The guard wasn't armed. I had a good six inches and plenty of weight on her. I approached with violent purpose, fists raised.

She smiled. "Don't try anything. If you cross the boundary line, the collar on your neck will kill you."


She shrugged. "I'm just telling you the rules. If you try to escape, the collar kills you. If you ejaculate, the cock ring does the same."

The woman was talking nonsense. "What did you say?"

"Sorry, I didn't realize you were hard of hearing. If you orgasm, you die."

Another prisoner came alongside me. He was taller and more muscular than me, and he looked as pissed off as I felt. "You buying this crap?" he asked.

I shook my head.

The big guy crossed the yellow line as he lunged for the guard. His collar glowed as bright as a furnace the moment he broke the plane of the taped boundary. I had a front row seat for his immolation. The rancid stench of burning flesh and hair assaulted my nostrils as he was reduced to floating fragments of black ash in a matter of seconds. His intact collar and cock ring clattered to the ground, as the feathery debris that had once been a man settled around them.

The guard pushed me back. She was stronger than she looked: her idle shove toppled me backwards onto my ass. She collected the dead man's collar and ring. "Anyone else want to try?"

I'd no idea what could have burned a man alive like that. I still didn't believe the cock ring would do the same if I ejaculated, but after one demonstration I was in no hurry to test my conviction. Besides, going without an orgasm for however long it took to escape wouldn't be the greatest hardship I'd faced. I got to my feet and returned to my bunk.

The remaining prisoners had similar stories to mine. Each of us had been kidnapped from Port Sapphire or one of the other coastal cities by an attractive woman. I noted we were a good-looking bunch of guys with the lean builds of men who worked hard for a living.

I lay in my bunk and failed to sleep as I tried to figure out what my mysterious captors wanted. I searched my memory of the busty redhead who'd taken me for clues, but that just turned me on at the recollection of her inviting cleavage. I touched my semi-erect dick and then pulled away, unwilling to risk death for a quick wank.

The bunk above me squeaked. I recognized the familiar rhythm of masturbation. The guy up there didn't believe a thin metal ring around the cock held the power of life and death any more than I did, but he was willing or desperate enough to take the chance.

After a few minutes of louder and more frequent bedspring squeaks, I heard the stifled gasp of a discreet orgasm. Followed by a scream. A burst of orange light illuminated the room, casting harsh shadows. I smelled burned flesh for the second time. My doubts about the lethality of the cock ring had been put to rest and I vowed not to touch my dick until the device had been removed.

I tried to ignore the stench of death and turned onto my front to sleep. Whatever was going on, I would need all my energy to face it in the morning. I was getting out, whatever I had to do.

Escape proved elusive.

As our time in captivity stretched from days to weeks, the other prisoners and I settled into a routine. If we worked out in the gym for at least four hours a day and kept ourselves showered and groomed, we were fed. The meals were delicious and protein-rich.

The diet and exercise regimen left me in better shape than I'd ever been. The others looked good as well. Our bodies tightened to become lean, but not overly muscular. We knew we were being sculpted to appeal to a female gaze, but the alternative was starvation. Apart from the frustration of not having had an orgasm in weeks, I felt great.

New prisoners arrived every week with familiar tales of abduction. When the dormitory was full, the guards started to take one or two men at a time through the door that was otherwise kept locked and bolted. The guards did not deign to tell us where the men were taken, but they never returned.

Guards came and went on no particular schedule. Their presence wasn't required to keep us in place, since the deadly yellow line couldn't be crossed as long as we were collared. Occasionally, one of them would get the urge to push one of us around. In spite of our vitality, the women were able to overpower the strongest of us with ease.

I chafed at the numbing routine, the lack of freedom, and the increasing frustration of orgasm denial. I was hungry for release in more ways than one, but when it was my turn to be taken through the mysterious door, I soon wished I'd never left.

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