Welcome to the new home of Castem Press, writers and occasional publishers of erotic femdom pulp fantasies. We've been away from the Internet for a while, but we think it's time to bring our weird femdom erotica back.

What does that mean? We produce erotic stories and other media about dominant women mixed with genres such as fantasy, science fiction, horror, superhero, or pulp detectives. The one constant is that women are in charge: we do not dabble with nonsense such as "heroines in peril" or "hunky billionaires." We like our women dominant and powerful, sometimes to the point of being superhuman.

An example is the first story available for free on this site, my own novella: Breaking the Hero. This is a story about a near invincible supervillainess who, over the course of five days, turns the world's mightiest superhero into her personal sex toy.

Across our stories, you can generally expect magic, advanced technology, super-powers, and godlike abilities used to dominate, torment, tease, and deny men. Deep down, you know these men secretly crave to be subservient to such superior mistresses.

Our favorite erotic fantasies involve male chastity, long-term orgasm denial, teasing, edging, female-led relationships, humiliation, female supremacy, pegging, mind control, bondage, and discipline. We DO NOT write about any of the following: incest, pseudo-incest, or cuckolding. All characters in our stories are over 21 years of age.

Some of the stories contain violent content, such as super-strong women tearing people apart, or evil sorceresses using their powers to torture their sex toys. The question of sex and violence is a loaded one that we cannot sidestep simply because we write about female dominance. Anything we publish on one of the major eBook sites will be careful to abide by their guidelines (however vague they may be) concerning violence and consent. Stories published here may push the envelope a little more. In fact, Breaking the Hero was removed from Amazon (after 18 months) probably because of its mind-control aspects.

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