Breaking the Groom now available

Another Gray Savidge story is now up. Breaking the Groom. This was the third of my "Breaking the.." series and one of the most poorly-received. I shouldn't have been surprised, because it taps into one of my deepest and least widely-shared fantasies. I enjoy reading and writing about invincible, beautiful superwoman who use their powers for evil, and the helpless men who are unfortunate enough to cross their path. The more brutal the treatment dished out to the men, the more I want.

This is one of the stories that was removed from Kindle Unlimited for breaking their content guidelines. Honestly, I'm surprised it took them as long as it did. The male point-of-view character is subjected to torture, rape, and mind-control by a woman with the powers of a goddess. Tease and denial is the least of what he goes through on his way to being turned into a supervillainess' personal chew toy.

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