Eating Out: A Sex Magic Short

A quick short story loosely based on Salamando Flame's Sex Mage concept.

Eating Out

They met at an upscale restaurant on the west side of the capital. A discreet sign by the door of what had once been a dockside warehouse said: Töy. Jane hadn’t seen or talked to Penelope in fifteen years, and it was a sign of the distance in their relationship they were meeting on neutral ground, instead of Penny’s house.

Jane shuddered a little at the thought of what she might have found there. She had read reports of how males were treated in the Queendom of Lilith, but seeing it for herself was another matter. Part of the reason she and Penny hadn’t talked in so long was because they’d taken different sides in the political battles which had erupted in the wake of Sex Magic’s arrival in the world. Now, they lived in different queendoms, with a strictly closed border between them.