Evil Super-Femmes Archive

Back in the day, when the world was young and anything seemed possible, I had yet another Tumblr for supervillainess captions. When I returned to Tumblr after a hiatus, Evil Super Femmes did not make it back.

However, while going through my archives while preparing for the adult content Tumblrpocalypse, I found all of the ESF captions. I'm posting them here for posterity. 45 Captions in all.

Sexy Models Femdom Archive

As a result of the Tumblrpocalypse, my most high-concept blog ("pictures of attractive models with femdom captions") is shutting down. This post contains an archive of all 51 captions from the Tumblr.

Enjoy and use wisely.

Chastity Magic Captions 8

With the Tumblrpocalypse nigh, my short-lived Chastity Magic Tumblr is shutting down. All of my chastity magic captions are now archived on this site under the same label.

This is batch 8 of the complete archive. Enjoy and use wisely.

Ruined Release Now Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

My latest chastity femdom story, Ruined Release is now available in the Kindle store and free on Kindle Unlimited.

There's no magic in this story, although there is some technology sufficiently advanced as to be indistinguishable from magic. Ruined Release tells the story of a man who admits his chastity fetish to his wife and is surprised at how enthusiastically she embraces the role of dominant keyholder. She also happens to be a brilliant scientist. She turns her genius to the problem of how best to tease and deny her husband. Her inventions may change not just their marriage, but the entire world...

If you enjoy femdom chastity fantasies and scenes of tease and denial which end with the most frustrating kind of release, then you might enjoy Ruined Release. Amazon has a generous return policy and the book is free to read on Kindle Unlimited, so what have you got to lose?