Welcome back

 After a brief hiatus, Castem Press is back in business. If you're looking for femdom erotica with a genre (science fiction, fantasy, or pulp) then we may have what you're looking for.

As of now, all our books are published on Smashwords. More books are coming (unlike the men in these stories) but for now the catalogue is as follows:

Ruined Release

When a man admits his chastity and denial fetish to his genius wife, he may have unleashed something terrible and wonderful upon the world.

Murder on Chastity Island

Castem: an island where women rule through the power of chastity magic. Men cannot orgasm and women can tease them to distraction with but a thought. A private detective comes from the mainland to solve a murder but can he leave with his sanity and dignity intact. Will he want to?

The Chastity Sanction

The world's (self-proclaimed) greatest secret agent teams with sexy spy from Castem, the chastity island where women rule through chastity magic, to prevent a crazed female supremacist from unleashing a global wave of eternal male chastity.

The Chastity Arena

Taken to Castem, the island where chastity magic holds sway, a man is forced to compete in an underground tournament. The only rule for men is: cum and you die. Can he make it to the end of the game and win his freedom or will he make another choice.

Breaking the Villain

When the world's greatest superheroine realizes the only way to stop her nemesis once and for all is to break him and make him her bitch, will he choose to fight for his freedom or submit to her not-so-loving authority?

Breaking the Groom (free)

It can be hard to start your life over when your ex is a supervillain who doesn't want to let go. A story of cruel femdom, chastity, and super-powered betrayal.

Breaking the Hero

The one that started it all. The world's greatest superhero comes face to face with his greatest fear: a woman with powers that dwarf his own intent on turning him into her obedient sex toy. Can he escape the magical chains of female domination she weaves around him?


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