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Muse Dance

  With the exception of the bloody mess (literally and figuratively) that is Who Wants to Marry A Villainess , all of my back catalog is now available at Smashwords . Sales have been modest but more than I have any right to expect. Those of you who are in the habit of checking copyright pages will have noticed a lack of dates after 2018. We're coming to the end of 2020, which means I haven't published anything in two years. I've barely written anything in that time and I certainly haven't finished the few things I've started.

Hero's Submission and Breaking the Band

 The last two items in the G. F. Savidge back catalog are now up at Smashwords: Heros' Submission and (sigh) Breaking the Band .

More of the back catalog at Smashwords

Treasures of the Flesh and a collection of three short, holiday-themed fantasies set in the same universe ( 3 Seasons of Chastity ) are now available at Smashwords.

Chastity Captions

I'm posting new chastity captions to under the username CageYourMan . I'm trying to post once a day and I have a couple of weeks buffer at the moment but that will change over time.