Enslaved by a Supermodel


My first novella in a couple of years is now available at Smashwords: Enslaved by a Supermodel.

This is a simple tale of a man who cadges an invite to the after-party of a lingerie/swimsuit fashion show put on by a famous catalog. He meets his favorite Supermodel, the beautiful Stephanie Moralez, who turns out to be a powerful witch. He gives the wrong response to a question and ends up enslaved for the night, unable to to anything other than obey her instructions.

Even worse, she doesn't want him for herself. She plans to sell him to one of her supermodel friends as a sex toy, and she also plans to make his magical enslavement permanent.

This novella features magical femdom, light BDSM, and tease & denial.

It's good to get back on the horse and I hope those of you who try it enjoy it. If you want a review copy then email me at info@castempress.com.


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