Hero's Submission and Breaking the Band

 The last two items in the G. F. Savidge back catalog are now up at Smashwords: Heros' Submission and (sigh) Breaking the Band.

My first love in erotica will always be superpowereed women who use their incredible abilities to overcome and dominate weaker men, even if those men are superheroes or supervillains in their own right. Hero's Submission falls squarely into that tradition. A "great" superhero undergoes a series of tests to earn the right to join an all-female super team and fails miserably. He discovers how weak he is comparatively and learns the joys of submission.

Breaking the Band is one of those stories that I have a fondness for but which doesn't seem to connect with people at all. I think it's the heightened level of violence compared to some of my other stories or the fact that the men the main character destroys are ordinary humans. It's a spiritual sequel to ConceptFan's story The Groupie which is one of the stories I blame for my whole super-femdom obsession in the first place.

I doubled-down on the sex and death with my currently unpublished 'Who Wants to Marry A Villainess' which turned out to be even less popular than Breaking the Band. In the future, I will leave such things to the experts, like ConceptFan, and merely make the men in my story so frustrated they only wish they were dead.


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