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With the exception of the bloody mess (literally and figuratively) that is Who Wants to Marry A Villainess, all of my back catalog is now available at Smashwords. Sales have been modest but more than I have any right to expect. Those of you who are in the habit of checking copyright pages will have noticed a lack of dates after 2018. We're coming to the end of 2020, which means I haven't published anything in two years. I've barely written anything in that time and I certainly haven't finished the few things I've started.

There are Reasons. Every writer who gets blocked has Reasons.

I hope 2021 is the year things turn around, muse-wise, and that I'm able to get back in the saddle and publish some more good old-fashioned weird genre mash-up femdom erotica.

Some ideas that haven't gotten off the ground:

  • A choose-your-own-path magical femdom chastity adventure called Tease of the Sorceress. Caught between two warring sisters, one the queen of the realm and the other a powerful sorceress, you must escape a tower filled with teasing torments.
  • A story about a new student at an academy for Chastity Witches. New entrants must prove their worth by bringing a male they have bound to their will and denied release for at least six months.
  • A close encounter with a UFO bearing a sexy female android programmed to seek out suitable males to serve her mistress on faraway Titan.
  • A man is snatched out of time at the moment of his violent death and taken to the far future where dominant women rule. A male without a chastity implant is a rare commodity.
  • A man is put on trial for the crime of ogling his attractive next-door-neighbor. The opposing counselors are both powerful chastity witches, and choose to conduct the trial as a test of tease and denial. His only chance to prove his innocence is to keep from cumming but it seems even his defense attorney doesn't want him to win.
  • A chastity-themed LITRPG called Chastity Quest, where a man is abducted and brought to a strange fantasy world. His cock is bound by powerful magic. The energy of his frustration fuels the powers of the rest of his party. In order to defeat the monsters arrayed against them, his female companions must ensure he is teased and chaste throughout their quest.


  1. Glad to see you're back! I wish you luck on finding your muse. I've been struggling to capture mine for more than exceedingly brief flings, myself.

    Chastity Witch School sounds very fun! I've toyed with the idea of similar things to your LitRPG idea (still quite the market these days), but I always got bogged down by needing to come up with a generic fantasy plot to hang the story around. That would also be a cool project to see.

    Either way, you know I'm a sucker for magical tease and denial! :3


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